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is going on right now. >> half-moon bay, 32, novato 32, skies will be clear, once we get going, it will be cold and clear and we have breezy for some in the hills, some upper 40s and in fact a few temperatures, it looks like it will be closest to the water and we are not that warm, a lot of upper 40s. >> yes, a sweeper is working the clear two lanes in interstate 880 in oakland. those barrels exploded leaving sand all over the place and the driver of the big-rig says he swerved to avoid another car and nobody was injured. caltrans however says the 5th avenue off ramp will be closed and again, all the lanes of the freeway are open. let's move along with the bay
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bridge toll plaza, this traffic is light as you get into san francisco, no major issues. we are looking at 580 in the livermore valley and traffic is okay a little bit of slowing in dublin as we push down to the nimitz freeway, it is 4:30 let's go back to the desk. as steve said earlier a freeze warning is in effect for all bay area counties except san francisco. temperatures fell into 20s once again overnight in parts of the east bay and south bay also. the cold weather could continue for the rest of the week but some shoppers we spoke with said they don't mind the cold. >> i like it, it's nice, nicer than the heat. and it goes with christmas. >> well, cold weather caused flight delays and cancellations at san jose international airport and many deiced planes
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and there are no delays at fso. a weekend storm dropped three feet of snow in the sierra and most ski resorts have opened, including boreel and northstar. for now chains are currently not required on highway 80 or 50. >> a winter storm on the east coast has caused cancellations and drivers are being asked to stay off the roads there. take a look at this in texas, parts of the east coast from virginia, new york could get a quarter inch of ice today after a storm dumped a foot of snow. more than 3700 flights have been canceled stranding many across the country. federal agencies will open two hours late today because of the storm. freezing temperatures are also posing dangers to the
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homeless. an autopsy will be performed on a homeless man to see if he died because of exposure. many have died from exposure and there are extra beds and they are passing out extra clothing and blankets in homeless encampments. freezing temperatures in the bay area is causing black ice on the roads. joining us from lafayette, tara tells us about the dangers, tara? >> we have a couple of patches of black ice we have one in orinda and lafayette near the bart station that is where we are standing and we have seen signs all along the freeway and one is on the on ramp in orinda lafayette and the westbound direction. this is a thin coating and while not truly black, it is transparent and that's why they call it black ice. it is not surprising given what
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we have had over the past week. it is difficult to see so there is a risk of skidding and they want to remind many to ease off the gas and keep your hands firmly on the wheel. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. sonoma sheriff's deputies are trying to identify a skull found along the park -- they found it while walking with his two young children in windsor. he said he thought it was an animal skull at first but as he got closer to it, he knew exactly what it was. >> at first it was like -- i have the kid with me i hope it is a deer and two feet away, i thought it is probably not going to be a deer, you know. >> when deputies arrived they spotted other skeletal remains in leaves in the area and later today, they will continue and
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return to the park to continue their investigation. they are trying to find a driver who hit a man in the crosswalk in san francisco. it happened on oak and scott street in the lower area of the neighborhood. 25-year-old peppy was rushed to san francisco general hospital with a brain injury. he has undergone two surgeries and remains in intensive care. he is suspected of killing a person and is expected to enter a plea in court. ronnie collins is accused of killing and shooting 22-year- old kenny walker in the bay view district. they had agreed to meet him and sell play station 4 and collins used his real name and photo to answer that ad. he is currently being held on
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$5 million bail. the sonoma sheriff's deputy is expected back to work today. deputy eric gail house will remain on desk assignment and decide what if any criminal charges will be filed. police say gail house did not realize the assault rifle gun he was holding was not real. protesters will meet this afternoon at santa rosa city hall and marched to the sheriff's office and it is a slap in the face that gail house is going back to work. they are expected to work and renew on plastic guns that can evade metal detectors. it is set to expire at midnight and plastic guns will be a special 3d printer. he voted to extend last week.
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and parts of south africa he voted to attend the service. on board air force one by george w. bush, secretary of state jimmy clinton they will also attend the memorial but they are traveling separately. >> they will continue to gather in johannesburg and this is video from this morning. you can see the crowds of people bringing flowers and tomorrow a public memorial service will be held at a stadium that seats 9 5,000 people and they will keep his body in a remote village where he grew up. yesterday in south africa they called for a day of rememberance. he asked many to pay respects
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to many who considered him the father of their country. here in the bay area he was honored at glide memorial search. he talked about the transition he went through when in prison. he said as a child he used to quote hate, white people and then he decided, he was not going to do that anymore. they will hold a hearing this week in washington d.c. at the international airport. more details have been revealed about the san francisco fire commandoes about the crash there and they reported three commanders never took the disaster training course which is ahead for rank and file first responders.
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other fire departments have chosen from those who have taken the course. we will have live reports of the hearing tomorrow and wednesday and you can also follow him for realtime updates and his twitter handle is located on our website. the combined new airline will be the largest in the world. the merger survived a challenge with criticism in merger groups. they are controlling more than 80 percent and that leaves travelers fewer choices and will result in higher airfares. more than 2000 small dogs are headed to idaho this morning. friends of the alameda animal shelter say the facility is filled with small dogs but shelterer workers say people here are not as interested in adopting small breeds so they are going where they are more
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likely to find loving homes. >> animals could really make a great companion for somebody. >> local veterinarians are funding the flight and they will take off with their precious cargo at 9:00 this morning and they are calling the flight the chihuahua express. they will be at the able being stadium... [applauds] >> it was a crucial victory for the seattle seahawks and now there is only one more season game at candle stick which is why it was so important to show up to last night's game. >> we needed to be here to support them in their last game. >> san francisco police stepped up their presence mixed into the crowds and the day went
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pretty smoothly inside the park but one man was hit with a bottle outside the stadium and he was treated for minor cuts, no arrests were made. the largest wrestling event will come to leave vie stadium -- levy stadium, earlier this summer, that i they made an official bid for the event. he has generated more than $100 million to host the new communities. >> the debate over noise... >> coming up at 5:00 5:00, the reason some people are not happy about it. >> new concerns about the bay bridge, it is now being called ventral and -- vulnerable. >> good morning, right now traffic at the toll plaza is light, no problems coming into san francisco and i will tell
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you where it is coming in and where it is beginning to get slow. sun or clouds, is there any rain or is it going to warm up. i love watching tv outside.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, time now 4:44 a new report suggests government agencies are checking on your cell phone records. they came under heavy scrutiny after a new report surfaced they secretly collected data from cell phones and they are mining information. more than 125 police agencies are targeting specific cell phone towers and they then could locate activity and identification of any phone. microsoft is leading a coalition making new demands on
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government around the world. the coalition says governments need to limit the information from tech companies. they will stop using it and that will limit the free throw of information. paul walker continues to grow in southern california where the actor died in a car crash. thousands of racing fans from all over the world gathered over the weekend to leave candles, flowers and notes. many drove in sports cars from the fast and furious movies. >> we have a really close family member. even though we never met face to face f-watching this stuff on television, it is something that really hurts. >> walker died last month in a car crash. he was there for a holiday toy
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drive. his friend roger was also killed. they are raising new concerns about the rods that support the bay bridge. the hundreds of rods attaching the main suspension bridge is questionable. they should not be afraid of it coming down but the current issues only pose long-term risks. the housing committee is now conducting construction lapses involving the span. >> we talked about the black ice on highway 24 and hopefully it will not be causing any problems on the road. >> we do have an off ramp closed, and that off ramp is closed because a truck came by before they could open it about 6:30. other than that, let's go and start off with san mateo bridge, it looks good heading out to the high-rise with no
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major problems and the traffic looks good at the westbound toll plaza no problems getting in san francisco. i also want to mention, from hayward to fremont, when you get over to the peninsular 101 is doing very nicely. it is cold this morning, a few teens, a freeze warning is out and by noon it will not be that much warmer, i think you settled in on the pattern and it may be the coolest day of the week as temperatures may warm up. it may be shaky and upper 40s and lower 50s but temperatures throughout the week gradually slowly warming up. we start off another cool reading and a freeze warning may be back into tomorrow. even san francisco is a 37 and san san jose is at 39.
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there is plenty of freeze warnings and tonight and tomorrow will kicking back in. 30s on the coast, 20s and 30s -- i mean if there is a breeze and some places do have that. if you think it is cold, it's cold up in ukiah. it is gradually warming up and we have a lot of 40s and 50s, but after that, things start to improve and the cold snap lingers. there are temperatures checking in to 60s, i know this is crazy talk. breezy for some, mainly out to the east, higher elevations, things are calming down a little bit. there is not much of a spread or difference and the extended outlook, no end to the week and
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we will have more coming up. the best things can be found right here in the bay area. a 9-year-old girl whose fight against child slavery is now the focus of a new documentary.
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. well california's law to
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collect information from many, they will hear oral arguments brought by the civil liberties union. anybody arrested violates the constitution, however the state says dna collection can help solve cases and they called for a similar law which allows those charged with similar felonies. they are pointed at engineers and at the tracks. charms summer of connecticut from a computer train injured many and killed several. the man may have nodded off just before the rail was was changed. they are looking into whether success is split.
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roll zoom has died down and they are bringing more money into the area. sheriff's deputies are responding to more calls and say it creates crime. they say the casino is the busiest beat but the impact on crime is minimal. they will soon decide on a long rang plan and at a -- range plan and they will outline development for up to the next 20 years. the city says the construction project will have 300,000 square feet of retail space but a few store owners could be forced to move or close their doors. the city of concord may improve a long-term contract from the sleep train pavilion. they may consider it live and that contract paid it 800,000 every year plus a bonus of more
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than 800,000 and more than 100,000 are sold every year. he is now making payments on bond debt renovation. they are home to the best bakery according to a new is your ray. they say it access from both breads and pastries and they use local produce in its creations. they are the only ones to make the list and they had 7 of the top 21. they teamed up with bikers yesterday to pass out gifts to children rather at san francisco general. it brings together riders from all across the bay area and a man named tom perkins started the tradition more than 30 years ago. >> there are a lot of them, it may be the only one they get or
4:55 am
the only couple they get. the hospital from my experience is the worst place to be on christmas. >> the doctors may have saved his life and it was that experience that caused him to have the generosity he continues today. she is fighting child slavery by selling lemonade. >> i want them to know it is time to be a kid now and everything is going to be okay. >> her mission began last year when her parents showed her a photograph of two children carrying heavy blocks on their backs. all proceeds go to various organizations committed to ending childhood slavery. >> people fall into slavery not
4:56 am
because they are willing and not because they are stupid, it is because they have been lied to. >> the documentary called stand with me is in numerous locations including san francisco. they are trying to pay off their account. >> she just said she was doing something nice for us and i said thank you and you know i was in shock. >> elizabeth quart tease lingered while customers were called and waited to meet a few of them. for them, there was more than 100,000 worth of toys and she is very grateful for christmas. >> i am going to pay for it as
4:57 am
well. >> the wayward angel is being used and there are thousands of instances being used across the country. i love that story. >> there is a big mess on the interstate in oakland, what caused them to shut down lanes overnight. they had a controversial shooting of a 13-year-old andy lopez. good morning, we are still doing well, traffic looks good, i will show you the bridge and i will show you some other roots around the bay area. >> it is a cold one and will we see minor warming or will it be sunnyside up? i will have all the answers to all your questions coming up. )!)a$v)ttttqtt$dt$$p7[8
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. we are live in san jose where we have fridged temperature and we are checking in on homeless shelters to see if they are taking advantage of them. we have a report and we have more on why some people
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are not happy about the report. getting help in the east bay helping find homes for dogs and saving their lives, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> the ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, i want to show you a live picture in highway 24, broward county mayor ken keechi is issuing a black ice advisory. it is not lake tahoe but it will be another chilly day and we will check in with steve for the complete forecast. let's talk about weather and traffic, steve is right here. >> i am and thank you very much, a very good morning, we have some cold temperatures and most of the records were 1972 and napa's 1932. it was 24 and san

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